Thursday, April 21, 2011

Days 224 to 230 - Texting Joy

Normally I am one of those horrible anti-Earth, petrol-guzzling fools who spend their whole day in the car. The problem is, it takes me an hour to get to my son's day care, and then another 40-odd minutes to get into work. Then double it because I like to go home sometimes.

But now my husband is looking after our nerdling, there's no reason for me to take the car. I have to take.... THE BUS!

It's horrible! I get car sick, so I can't read. It's too bumpy to write. The person next to me always sticks their elbows out. And this morning my Creative was out of battery. All I had left was my old phone and the ability to text my friends at ridiculous hours.
The bus goes forward.
Industrial wasteland - right.
Where is my music??
I woke up my friend Greg, who retaliated in kind:
It is 8 AM. 
Bad haiku makes my phone buzz.
Is Julia drunk?
 I couldn't let that go unavenged!
He lazes in bed,
and calls my haiku awful.
Public transport sucks.
I also woke my sister Penny up. She was apparently dreaming of me in any event:
In the dream I just had, you married Godzilla and me and the rest of the world had to run away from your wedding because he tried to eat us - seriously, why marry him? 
It's not my fault you people don't understand ambition! Bloody Tall Poppy Syndrome, that's what it is.
He ate Russia!
Pft. You say that like it's a bad thing.  

It was nice to be reminded of the joys of texting. Though I feel weird having nostalgia for something that I only really started doing when I was 17.

I want a HTC Desire so I can Tweet on the bus. What do you do to make it through the commute?

Word count - 1, 116


  1. After I drop my daughter off at school, I blast hard rock on the stereo, sing along, and swear a lot at the other drivers.

    It's like therapy, only cheaper.

  2. *lol* I love to do that too! I tried it with my son in the car and all he said was "Mummy, don't sing! It's my turn to sing! Now you dance, Mummy. No, stop dancing!"
    It becomes a little less fun when it's a game of Simon Says :-)