Monday, May 21, 2012

Days 606 to 625 - Six Sentence Sunday

Without the internet, there would be so many things I never knew about. Nanowrimo, how Dan Harmon got booted from Community, how much better I'm Sexy and I Know It is when accompanied by a He-Man video clip - and now, thanks to Earful of Cider, Six Sentence Sunday!

My contribution - a six sentence segment from my space opera adventure short story.

Dirk tried to look hurt.
"That's unfair, Cauvec, but I understand it's been a stressful day."
He reached into his shirt with his left hand, his right hand still up in plain sight, and retrieved the crumpled papers, tossing them casually to the nearest goon. The commander looked them over briefly, nodded, and tucked them into his belt. 
"You're an idiot, Dirk," said Cauvec mildly, motioning to his underlings. "It's the one thing I love about your species." 

Link me to your six sentences in the comments below, I'd love to read them!

Word count - 487 (yes, yes, I know)
Editing - 15 minutes


  1. Excellent Six, Julia -- I'd love to read the rest.

    I'm assuming Dirk is human (idiot is usually a clue :) ). . . but maybe not?

  2. Yes, or mostly human anyways :) I'll admit, I tweeted this post and I was worried I'd come back to a bunch of comments, the terrible-ness of my writing having resulted in me going viral overnight!