Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Day 95 - Linked Up and Light Hearted

There are some amazing things going on in the blogosphere, lads and lasses!

Over at Miss Snark's First Victim a whole bunch of agents are bidding against each other for the chance to read the manuscripts of some aspiring authors - but don't worry, I've been assured that the end days aren't as bad as we've all been led to believe.

Rachel Gardener, wonderful agent and all-round good guy, has been reading my diary again. I say that because it's less far-fetched than the idea she reads my blog.

Scarily, The Rejectionist doesn't seem to need caffeine to write as eloquently as she does. I shake in terror as my one plan to vanquish said blogger should they decide to attempt world domination has now been proved ineffective.

I'm an emerging writer! So says Australian Writers Rock! - I don't just have to rely on what my Mum says anymore ^_^  Seriously, I'm reasonably chuffed about that.

Oh! And I'm jealous of Sarah at Earful of Cider because she knows cooler people than I do and of Tahereh at Stir Your Tea because every time I try to pull off cute crazy all I manage is awkwardly bizarre verging on Sweet God Run! and of Gin and Kerosene's owner for getting to go see Muse when the best I've been offered this week is Wiggles tickets. (And yes, I took them.I know one 2-year-old who's going to be uber-excited tomorrow!)

I should have been in bed hours ago.

Word Count - 1,319

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