Thursday, December 2, 2010

Days 88 and 89 - Love, Hate and Kittens

So, on Tuesday I came home and my rapidly-getting-fat cat didn't meet me at the door.

(If you've read the title, you probably know where this is going.)

When she came out into the loungeroom, she was starving - and A LOT thinner.

Being naturally suspicious of girls who spend all night out with their boyfriends and then spend the subsequent months getting plumper and plumper, I went around the house to have a look-see and, sure enough, there were KITTENS in my bedroom cupboard!!

(NB. The above non-flash photo was taken with Mum in the room, and I put the bub straight back - so please don't think I've ruined any kitty lives)

Squeee!! ^_^

I love babies of all kinds, and these ones are beautiful! I am now the proud grandma of four kittens. I gave Mum lots of pats and hand fed her some chicken curry until she let me have a look at them. She was happy to let me have a squiz, even nosing them over in my direction so I could see them better. She'd lost one already, but the other four are going strong.

I went and tried to write afterwards, but I had two problems:

1) I was too excited about kittens; and
2) I HATED my novel.

I spent most of NaNo writing my YA Sci-Fi, but as I'd finished the first draft (Booyah! Did I mention that??) I went back to my Regency Romance.

I couldn't do it. I hated all of it - the characters, the plot, even the setting.

So I've been stuck for the last two days. Tonight I really actually have to DO something, but I don't know whether to keep soldiering on with this or start afresh on something else.

Suggestions welcome!

Word count - 0


  1. Keep writing over the hate? The loathings and doubts hit me around chapter 13 every time . . . but by chapter 15, everything moves much easier.

    Or you could set it aside for the moment and help me figure out how I can get my hands on one of those kittens . . . XD

  2. Done! It's been set aside and I've bought an express post envelope that looks like it might fit a smallish kitty ^_^