Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Day 206 - Official Romance Writers of Australia 5DI Participant!

I believe the universe works on balance, and so I was looking forward to some good news while I lay around the house wishing my belly didn't feel like it had just been cut open and organs removed. I would have been happy with a $20 lotto win, but what I got was even better.

I made it into the 5DI!

As one of 12 lucky people selected to be in the 5 Day Intensive Manuscript Development Workshop I get to go to Queensland and have Sophia James tell me exactly what I'm doing wrong for an hour a day! I seriously feel like the luckiest girl alive ^_^

The thing I'm worried about now is the opening night novel report. Specifically, I'm worried I'm going to shriek like a banshee when I'm told my dialogue is stilted, declare passionately that I'm never going to make it is a writer and go throw myself on my bed for a good cry. I know the whole point is honest, thorough feedback, and I know I'd be disappointed if she pulled her punches, but I used to be a bit of a wuss when it came to even the slightest criticism so I'm worried I'll let myself down.

I guess I'm worried I'll regress to a teenager without a toddler around reminding me I'm an adult now! :-)

Nevertheless, I'm so terribly excited. Anyone else had any good news?

Word count - 0 (but I got to watch Wrong Side of Town "starring" Rob Van Dam and Battista - yay!)

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