Thursday, March 31, 2011

Day 208 - Can't Query my Dedication!

When I was in university, I would regularly pull all-nighters to play video games, dance, read books, study or just because it was a nice night and who could sleep? But working full-time with an exuberant toddler has taken its toll and I find myself crawling into bed most nights around midnight with a relieved sigh.

But not last night! Last night I researched, wrote and sent a query letter!

I actually feel better about this one than I did the last one. I gave the manuscript a couple of tweaks, which I think improved it, and the agent had very specific guidelines so I knew exactly what I had to do. After I'd finished, I took a deep breath, checked it one more time and hit send.

Five minutes later I had an email back! But before I could get too excited about getting the quickest agent response in was an out-of-office autoreply email. ^_^

Still, I know these things can take weeks and weeks, so I'll put it out of my mind for now and go on with my other projects. The main problem I'm having is that I'm working on a Regency romance, but my SF Space Opera keeps beckoning me to come back and do a second draft. Leave me alone, space pirates! Can't you see Lady So-and-So is about to go into her confinement? Stupid space pirates.

And I'll apologise for the dad joke in the title. All work and no sleep makes Julia something something...

Word count - 1,030


  1. Don't apologise for dad jokes, they are the noblest of all forms of humour.

  2. At least it wasn't a penguin joke . . . :)

    And congratulations on sending the query!