Thursday, March 10, 2011

Days 185 to 187 - The Other End of the Rainbow

Kiersten over at Kiersten Writes has put up an excellent post about the processes you have to go through to be published - or should that be Published? She says she queried 50 agents to finally get one, and then went on to write three more books in the time it took that agented book to be ignored.

It really puts my one little rejection in perspective. ^_^

I had to think a minute about whether I was writing to be published, or wanted to be published because I loved writing. I had to think because I didn't understand the question. Finishing a novel was hard enough loving writing - how the heck could you do it if it wasn't a labour of love?

I want to write for a living because I have, at present, 15 books I want to write, and I have time for perhaps 2 a year working full-time. Oh, the wonderous brilliance of being able to write ALL DAY! My editing wouldn't be piled up 1 and a half books deep. I could finish my current draft in weeks, not months. *blissful sigh*

So, if you're reading this, what make you want to be published? Or do you at all? Is it enough to sit on your manuscripts, warm in the knowledge that you're awesome?

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  1. Here's the deal (I think):

    If I knew I would never be published, I would still write the best stories I can. Even if they end up in a drawer after Dad reads them.

    Since I haven't been told that I will never be published, I will write the best stories I can and send them out. After Dad reads them.