Sunday, September 5, 2010

Day 1 and The Numbers Game

Attending cons takes a hell of a lot out of you. You're always thinking. moving, talking, planning, catching up, lunching, drinking, laughing, listening - and at the end of it you just want to curl up in your comfy hotel bed and get some much needed rest before you do it all again tomorrow! Despite everything, I managed to get 556 words done after the gathering in our room broke up.

I've always been interested in maths as it applies to my actual every day existence. How much leave will have I have saved up before I go on holiday? What ratio works best for gaming time to reading time? So I pulled out the trusty old calculator and had a look at some of the maths of my year-long challenge.

Calculator - 500-odd words equates to 0.05% of your total goal.

Me - Oh, okay, well - I need less that 1% a day, right? So that might not actually be too bad...

Calculator - 1% is 10,000 words.

Me - Umm....

Calculator - With 365 days in a year, you need to be making 2,739.72602 words per day.

Me - So 500 is a little short of that then? No, wait, really? Almost 3,000 words per day?!?

Calculator - Yup. And seeing as you only made 556 on you first day, you now have to make 2,745.72527 words per day. You'd better stop mucking about with me and get back to writing, don't you think?

Me - Shut up. Stupid calculator.

The enormity of what I've undertaken has just descended on me. Let's hope the terror-inspired adrenaline makes me type faster.

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