Friday, September 24, 2010

Day 20 - To those about to edit, we salute you.

I smoke most when someone is reading my writing. It's a nervous habit. I'm long past the days where even the mildest form of criticism would reduce me to tears and "I'm crap, I'm never writing again", but it's still bloody hard to let anyone else read my work.

The Romance Writers of Australia competition entries are due tomorrow. I had grand plans to put in five entries in total, but I've cut back down to two because I only really have two that are good enough at present. Tonight I recruited a couple of beta readers (thanks Eirlys and Phrancq!) and sent my babies off to school, hoping that they didn't come back with a tattoo or a drug habit.

It's terrifying have to give up control of something that you've worked so hard on, but I'm very lucky in having very good proof readers. I'd rather feel a little sad at my own inadequacies than miss out on a great opportunity because I keep forgetting whether the main character is Stephen or Steven.

So here's to the wonderful editors, beta readers, friends and loved ones who give up their time to help us all improve as writers. Without you we'd be always running from our lions, instead of turning to face them, sword in hand.

Word Count - 1,128

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