Sunday, September 19, 2010

Day 15 - Nights of the Round Table

I love role playing. No, don't get all in the gutter. Not like that. Every week a group of friends and I get together and we play a role playing game called 'Fate'. This week, part of my usual crowd was in Germany and so my friend Greg ran a single session game about a group of writers who are given one night to come up with an alternate final episode to a crap TV series that is about to be given the axe.

Normally writing is a very solitary occupation for me. I come up with the idea, flesh it out, think of characters, do the writing. It was fascinating to attempt to come up with an excellent plot in a group setting. I was a little terrified that it would be 'writing by committee' where the lowest common denominator would automatically trump more out there ideas, but as our mystery/romance series set 10 years in the future, starring a kick-ass film noir detective, a cyborg with a heart of gold and a lesbian dwarf cop came together, I started to really get interested in how all our separate plot lines were going to come mesh.

All in all, I think group writing is something I would like to try more of, especially for scripts. I'm getting together a group of people who bounce well off each other to try and write a short film script together.

Best line of the night:

(As the cyborg love interest, reprogrammed to be evil, turns to shoot the main character)
Love? Love? Does... not...compute...

Word Count - 2,041

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