Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Day 10 - The Crying Game

Everyone wants some kind of success. Whether they define it as an Oscar or a family or a giant boat, everyone has to have something that they want to achieve in life. Even if it's just reaching the age of 80. Otherwise, what is the point?

I just read The Last Lecture by Randy Pausch. For him, success was being able to leave behind a legacy. Something that would tell his children exactly the kind of person he was and make them feel like they grew up knowing him. But it got me thinking. Sure, Randy managed to achieve his success by being himself, but for many others 'being yourself' is simply not enough. They need to be bigger, brighter, more vibrant. Can you imagine how tiring it must be to keep that up?

In the end, pretending to be something you're not can only lead to disappointment. I often wish that my humour as as naturally bizarre as my friend Greg, or that I was as easygoing as my little sisters. The first step to finding any success in life is to begin by finding out who you are, otherwise you might wake up to find that you've been chasing someone else's goal all along.

No deep point to that, just mulling things over sleepily in my head.

Word Count rocked the Kasbah at 2,902.


  1. There's some graffiti down at Kambah shops (or there was a few months ago, I'm somewhat out of touch with the ins and outs of Canberra at the moment) that says (said?) '2902 = homos'.

    Your word count reminded me of that!

    - Victoria

  2. The quest for a legacy is such a tricky one? Trying to be as good as someone else can only last until you reach the goal, but can be easier to plan. The other option is to attempt to improve on what your strengths are. It may not lead to an easily definable goal, but the possibilities are theoretically greater.

    I always say option two. The ceiling only exists to be broken through and surpassed.